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Published: 22nd September 2009
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Donovanosis is an infection of the external genitalia, the skin at the top of the legs and the anal region. It is caused by the bacterium Calymmobacterium granulomatis. It is spread by skin-to-skin contact, which can often be sexual. This infection may show symptoms like bumps that acquire a red beefy look and spread to cover areas of skin, if the bumps burst out, it will exhibit foul odor and change in the color of the genitalia. The time period from when the bacterium gets on the skin until it produces symptoms is about 1-16 weeks.Find more about Fort Worth STD testing clinics

This is one of the sexually transmitted diseases that may be cured and treated. Like the most common STDs such as chlamydia, syphilis and gonorrhea, donovanosis may be treated with antibiotics. A person should seek for medical attention if he or she shows symptoms and has had sex with an infected person.

This may not be one of the more popular STDs. However, information about this infection should still be spread out to people. This is to avoid further spread of the infection. Today, different concerned organizations have put up more sources of information about sex and STDs. This aims to provide people different facts that one needs to know on how to be safe from any diseases. Information is now available in hospitals, schools, writings, books, local health clinics and through the internet. So aside from the parents, more facts may be learned through these information sources. These may help the teens get the correct information on sex and STD. The more information they get the more ready they are to avoid getting infected with STD.

If one is having doubts that he or she contracted STD, then an STD test may be taken. STD testing is done in a hospital or health clinic conducted by a doctor or health specialist. Samples from the patient are taken like urine, blood or swab. After laboratory testing, results should be ready in a few days. For quicker results, one may take the quick STD testing. Results will be ready in twenty minutes.

More information on STD will lead to better understanding of the diseases and how to prevent getting infected with it. Since the teens have higher percentage of having STD cases, the internet is now a great source of STD information. Anybody who browses the internet may have the facts and deeper knowledge on these sexually transmitted diseases.

Many get infected because they do not know how to deal with it. If they may just have enough information, then prevention may be easy to follow. Once one is diagnosed to be positively infected with an STD, he or she will undergo treatment. Treatment will consist of medications, counseling and prevention. If a disease is curable, antibiotic drugs will be prescribed. Counseling will be given to the patient to prepare him or her of what the treatment will be like. And the patient will also be required to follow preventive measures so that the disease will not be shed off to other people. The patient may also be required to have regular STD testing and follow on checkups to assure no re-infection will be occuring.

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